What is HQ?

HQ is an online practice management system designed to make your work life more efficient, effective and, we hope, easier...
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Who is HQ for?

We work with a broad range of professional services sectors, from healthcare and pharmaceutical markets to financial services and creative industries.
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How to get HQ

Your HQ can be up and running in minutes. HQ is Internet based and works on almost anything with a modern browser...
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Key features

Built for you



See at a glance what the working day has in store for you and your team. Tasks, meetings and communications – all together on one page. More...



Write new emails, receive emails and share them with your colleagues by linking to clients or jobs within HQ. More...



HQ allows day-to-day documents to be made in an instant. Creating personalised templates is just as simple. More...



Add all your appointments to your own calendar, share it with your work colleagues and view your teams' calendars to help organise meetings and more...



Every number and every address of your contacts is securely stored on HQ ready to be accessed by all the team. More...



Manage your workload easily and efficiently. HQ's clear and logical system of job tracking keeps everything safe and to hand. More...


Keep in touch :

send messages send messages
text messages to mobiles
set ToDo tasks



Who are your targets? When do you need to call them? What are the chances of you doing business? HQ has all your essential sales information to hand. More...

More Features

HQ has been created with customisation in mind. You can choose the elements that suit your organisation's needs.

Standard modules include word processing, contact management, email, SMS and shared calendars. And we can work with you to make your own unique HQ. Talk to us about a tailored solution.

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