The Dashboard

The HQ Dashboard is a web page that contains a number of small, optional components to visualise information from all aspects of your work with HQ.

The optional components of HQ's dashboard are know collectively as 'widgets' and can be added, removed and repositioned on the dashboard. The number and placement of these widgets will be remembered by HQs database.

A whole HQ Dashboard page looks something like the following:

A whole HQ pageTo add a new widget to the Dashboard, select one from the 'Add Widget' drop-down list on the Page Buttons area.

To reposition a widget, simply drag its title bar to a new location on the screen. It will snap to a column and height location.

To remove a widget, click on the X in the top-right of the widget.

Some widgets have secondary pop-up windows, if any such windows are available then one or more buttons will be show alongside the X button of the widget.

The layout of the Dashboard page is automatically stored by HQ.

Not all widgets are available to all users. The availablility of widgets if determined by your HQ administrator.